Inspector - Checkbox with Inputfield

Hey fellas!

I’ve recently seen the following image

and have been wondering how this could be achieved since checkbox and input are combined - I couln’t find out anything about it (type/editor) on the docu…or maybe I’m just blind.

FE we’ve got an image.
The default value of the property (If nothing is set) in this case would be full height - the user won’t be able to edit the input field as long as the checkbox isn’t checked.
As soon as the user checks this checkbox, the ability of typing in a custom digit will appear, overwriting the default value (300px,…) - in this case full height.

Should this be done by a Custom Editor or something related?

Thanks in advance >>


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Hey @bodega147,
yes, that can indeed be achieved by creating your own ReactJS editor. The documentation is a bit thin right now, but will be much better next week once we’re done with the Neos documentation sprint :slight_smile:
Here are a few pointers:

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