Installating neos in a subdirectory

Hi there,

my goal is to install neos into a subdirectory.

I have installed neos with a own domain ( After the installation I have created an apache alias The home page runs without problems at, but when I go to I am getting the exception… I have configured "RewriteBase /cms/„ in the .htaccess file… Do I need to add something into the Policy.yaml? If yes what do I have to add?

Uncaught Exception in Flow
#1222204027: Could not authenticate any token.

Might be missing or wrong credentials or no authentication provider matched.
Evaluated following 2 privilege target(s):
"TYPO3.Neos:AllControllerActions": ABSTAIN
"TYPO3.Neos:Backend.GeneralAccess": ABSTAIN
(0 granted, 0 denied, 2 abstained)

More information
TYPO3\Flow\Security\Exception\NoTokensAuthenticatedException thrown in file
/Volumes/Workspace/Sites/cms/neos/Data/Temporary/Development/SubContextLM/Cache/Code/Flow_Object_Classes/TYPO3_Flow_Security_Authorization_Interceptor_PolicyEnforcement.php in line 103.
Reference code: 2015121316142558abea

(I have cleared already all cookies)

The .htaccess file contains one more relevant block for your case:

# If the root path is not the parent of the Web directory,
# TYPO3 Flow's root path must be specified manually:
# SetEnv FLOW_ROOTPATH /var/www/myapp/

So uncommen that last line and set it correctly:

SetEnv FLOW_ROOTPATH /Volumes/Workspace/Sites/cms/

Hope that helps…