Internal Server Error(Need to See full Error Description)

Hi ,

How could I see the full detail description of error in secreen.
I am using the dokcer image richarvey/nginx-php-fpm which has php-fpm and nginx server internal.

Do I need to change some configuration.?

Take a look at Flow’s exception logs in the Data\Logs\Exceptions folder of your installation.

Thanks for the response.

That I m aware that we can check the logs forom /Data/Logs/Exception.
But I am just worried about is there any other configuration has to be there where it could be shown to that screen only.

Exception information is only rendered in Development context by default. So you either need to set that site to Development context or configure the Exception handler.
See for more information.

Under some circumstances, Flow can not even render the exception information (then a bare template from the .htaccess or the default web server error page is rendered), because Flow is incapable of booting up. In that case you need to check your webserver error logs and fix the Flow setup first. If the CLI command ./flow help works, that’s normally a good sign.