Issue with CurlEngine? [solved]


Simple, dumb question: I have problems using the CurlEngine.
When I try to instanciate a CurlEngine like this:

$rEng = new \TYPO3\Flow\Http\Client\CurlEngine();

I get an exception

Notice: Use of undefined constant CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER - assumed ‘CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER’

The same problem occurs when I try to inject it like this

     * @Flow\Inject
     * @var \TYPO3\Flow\Http\Client\CurlEngine
    protected $browserRequestEngine;

(as discribed here: )

This caused by the “protected $options array” of that class.
But nobody else seems to get this error!?
My PHP version is 5.6.28 in CLI mode.

Ok, solved by accident: package php5-curl was not installed on that server (DEBIAN). …

But there seems to be one issue: the framework didn’t notice the fact php5-curl is not installed.

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Well, it’s somewhat optional (as in, only when you use the curl engine) as it is not used in in core itself, therefore we have no check/requirement.