Lazy SelectBox with secondary and tertiary Label


The default SelectBoxEditor in Neos has the option to show secondary and tertiary labels like so:

We are currently trying to do the same thing with the LazyDataSource SelectBoxEditor from Sandstorm which is implementing the SelectBox from react-ui-components: GitHub - sandstorm/LazyDataSource: This package implements additional Inspector Editors, behaving like the standard SelectBoxEditor with data sources, but **delegates filtering and searching to the server-side**.

Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of React knowledge, especially within Neos and the LazyDataSource from Sandstorm doesn’t seem to work with the additional labels. Is there an easy way to provide this functionality within the Sandstorm project or do you know of any other packages which may work with a secondary and tertiary label?

Hi, this should be a small adjustment. Did you already create a feature request in their repository on GitHub?

Thank you. I’ve just created one :slight_smile:

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