Listable package templating


I am trying to make use of Flowpack.Listable package in my project and I’m facing some problems with templating.

Is it possible to fetch the list of queried nodes without any markup, so that I can template it on my own ?

This is how I am fetching my collection right now and list results in an HTML string built by the renderer:

list = Flowpack.Listable:PaginatedCollection {
    collection = ${q(node).restOfMyFlowQueryHere...}

What I would like instead, is to have an array of the collected nodes and an array of the pagination items without any HTML so that I can template it myself.

Does the plugin support this kind of functionality ? I can’t seem to find how to do it, do I have to do it manually ?

Oh man, there are no template files in the package, the template is rendered as a string in fusion:

prototype(Flowpack.Listable:Collection) < prototype(Neos.Fusion:Collection) {
    listClass = ''
    itemClass = ''
    @context.itemClass = ${this.itemClass}
    @process.tmpl = ${'<ul class="' + this.listClass + '">' + value + '</ul>'}

    collection = 'must-be-set'
    itemName = 'node'
    iterationName = 'iteration'
    itemRenderer = Flowpack.Listable:ContentCaseShort
    itemRenderer.@process.tmpl = ${'<li class="' + itemClass + '">' + value + '</li>'}

I thought this package was popular, I’d expect it to have a better structure.