Missing Homepage


during development I’ve got the error “Missing Homepage”.
This occured while troubleshooting another thing.
Please see my post: “ChildNode of a DocumentNode is not editable. Why?”

I’m shure i did not touch the SiteNode or its configuration.

I even deactivated my site package and reactivated the neos.demo package:
The error remains!!!

Any ideas?

How I remember the last thing I did was:
Adding a TeaserPage. Autopublish enabled only published the page but not the childNode Teaser within it.
Than I deleted the “half published” TeaserPage. The deleting process never stopped (donut turning).

One more update:
Even after deleting the database and running setup again Neos seems to be broken.
So I thow the neos folder away and did a whole new composer installation.

By the way:
I every installation I saw so far an error is shown in the Backend -> Configuration -> Settings:
1 errors were found
Settings.TYPO3.Flow.object.excludeClasses -> This property is not allowed here, check the spelling if you think it belongs here

We need to keep this setting for backward compatibility, it will not cause and issue.

For you main issue, without more insight in the database state it’s really hard to help you.