Missing Nodes in Backend


I currently have the problem that nodes have “disappeared” in the backend, but they are still correctly visible live.

According to the database, the entries are still present, but based on an example, 3x - 1x live, 2x in my workspace, but here one is deleted and moved, but the other active is not displayed.

I honestly can’t explain how this happened or how I can repair the whole thing in a sensible way (node:repair) didn’t bring any improvement.

Any ideas?

Hi Sascha,

It depends a bit on the type of nodes, how they are connected and in which workspaces they are in which state.

F.e. It‘s possible that you move one in your workspace and then you have 2 versions in the DB, the shadow node in the old place and the one in the new place.

But then there can be collisions if someone does something to the same node in the live workspace or deletes it.

So if the problem is only in your workspace, discard those changes or if not possible (that means the collection that contains them is damaged) you can remove those variants of the node that are part of your workspace from the DB. Then the live variant should shine through again into your workspace.