Moving more discussions to Discourse

Hey Neos Team,

after catching up on about 600 messages on Slack, I’d like to ask everybody to more consciously decide which kind of topic could as well be discussed on Discourse. I know that it’s nice to get quick feedback on Slack, but in the long term it’s not feasible that the whole team keeps track of the whole history.

So, whenever you address a topic which is relevant for the team beyond the person you are currently addressing, please consider moving to (and you might still post a link to the discussion in Slack of course).

Some indicators when it might make sense moving to Discourse:

  • you start your message with “@all
  • you write “more feedback?”, “what do others think?”
  • you discuss something which will end up in some kind of decision which has impact beyond your own specific case
  • you discuss a topic which would help others (for example other community members) at a later point in time, and thus should be easily found in the archives
  • you end up (or can imagine ending up) in a long ping pong style discussing details, which could probably more efficiently be discussed in longer posts because it makes you think and summarize the topic before hitting enter

Yea? Nay? :sunny: