Multiple Site Accessibility With Specific Role

(Abhishek Chaturvedi) #1

We Might have multiple site and multiple user.
Need to handle below functionality.

Site A-> Could be access by if the user has “ROLE-S1”
Site B-> Could be access by if the user has “ROLE-S2”

How we could proceed.?

(Soren Malling) #2

Aske @aertmann wrote this piece about multi site restrictions

I believe it might solve your issue.

(Abhishek Chaturvedi) #3


Thanks for the update.

However while applying the code , I am getting the exceptions.

Can you please let know the significance of “Acme.Package:Site.*” . Can you let me know the meaning of the “Acme” here . Is it Package Name or some keyword.

Abhishek Chaturvedi

(Soren Malling) #4

What are the exceptions that you are referring to? Paste them here for better help :slight_smile:

Acme.Package is used as the Vendor.Package format in the example. You can replace that with your own package name, to avoid conflicts.

(Abhishek Chaturvedi) #5

Can you let me know the exact location of the Policy.yaml file needed to be updated, as I can see in the Neos Project , there are multiple policy.yaml files at multiple locations.

(Abhishek Chaturvedi) #6

Also For This piece of code


'Neos.Demo.Package:Site.Neos Demo Site':
  matcher: 'isType("Neos\Neos\Domain\Model\Site") && property("nodeName") == "Neos Demo Site"'

  matcher: 'isType("Neos\Neos\Domain\Model\Site") && property("nodeName") == "TestCMS"'

I am getting the following exception:-

(Soren Malling) #7

You can define it in the Configuration/Policy.yaml file of your own package - then you have it separated from other packages code