Neos 2.1 and Flow 3.1 have been released

It’s a pleasure for me to announce that we just released Neos 2.1 and Flow 3.1!

Even though 2.0 has been an important release, we did not run out of ideas - and with Neos 2.1 we have a new version which provides great new features really with the user in mind. And that is, what we will continue to do in 2016 – invent new features which enable content people to create and publish great content.

Thank you, dear Neos community, for supporting us throughout this year and keeping us passionate for working on Neos. 2016 will be a really exciting year for Neos, that’s for sure!

Read the full release announcement[1].
You’ll find even more details in the Release Notes[2].
If you upgrade from an earlier version, make sure to carefully read the upgrade instructions[3], too.

Best holiday greetings from your Neos Team!