Neos 2.3.6 - Missing TYPO3/SwiftMailer package?

Hello Guys,
after updating to 2.3.6 our contact form has following error:
Missing class TYPO3\SwiftMailer\Message

Is the package removed in Neos?
Actually i added it manually to the composer.json.

A bug or a feature? :smiley:



I checked the dependencies. TYPO3.Form uses the Class TYPO3\SwiftMailer\Message in the EmailFinisher Class. But in the composer.json is no require statement for the TYPO3.SwiftMailer package. The TYPO3.NodeTypes package installs the form package and so there is a missing dependency in Neos to use forms with email finisher.

Well, it’s a dependency only if you actually use the EmailFinisher, so adding it as a “real” dependency would be too much… But: