Neos 4.0 Release Planning

For now this is rather empty… but after the release is before the release!

First of all, here is the release board on GitHub:

The next step would be to find a team of release managers…

I already said I would like to do it :slight_smile:


So, I would still want to have someone at my side for this release, so step up please :slight_smile:

As for the plan, interestingly we have a Neos Conference in April, so it would be wonderful to get the release out in time. I would like to aim for April 1st as getting into a release ready state. So from that day on, I would limit the amounts of merges and rather get into bug fixing and stabilising from then on. Then actually release either on the sprint Monday or Wednesday.

This is obviously the ideal plan but let’s try to make that work!

I would love to have a joint teams meeting and get everyones voices about the release, what everyone thinks can and should be in and how we proceed.


Given it’s a major release and I generally like release stuff, I’d join. But then again, two thirds of our company bound to that task… and a release managed by one company… and… whatever.

About that meeting, what about a Doodle?

Hey, I could join, too, then it’s 100% of our company :wink:

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I am looking for the milestones that will be included in Neos 4.0. Unfortunately the link above is broken. Could someone repair or share the right one?
Neither Google nor GithubSearch matches on “orgs” or “neos” with “release board”.
The roadmap itself, is without information about milstones.


The link is correct and working, but unfortunately there is no such thing is a truly public project on GitHub. So you just are not allowed to see it…