Neos 7.1 login wallpaper

Hello, photographers in the Neos community,

The release of Neos 7.1 is getting closer. In good traditions, we would like to reach out to the community for the new login-wallpaper. Please send your image suggestions. Preferably images you took on your own.

These rules apply for the suggestions and the vote.

  • We need royalty-free images, and the licensing needs to be crystal clear.
  • Please submit a maximum of two pictures. (The first submitted two pictures per user will get into the vote)
  • We like to see the Neos community vote about the wallpaper. Entitled to vote are all forum users registered at least 2 months ago and have at least one post in the forum.

The following sentence of the Neos brand guide could help you choose an image:

The Neos imagery style is natural, friendly, and a bit blue to match the Neos colors. Images create an authentic, natural impression in contrast to the very technical topic of web content management. Artificially illuminated or colored environments do not correspond to this philosophy.

With our recent brand update, we now introduce a little twist in our wallpaper contest:
We would like you to submit your pictures with a focus on curiosity. This can be animals, observation of nature, or anything that might appeal to curious people to enhance the perception of our brand. If you want, you can add a few lines to explain how your picture relates to curiosity.

Please post your picture with the Neos login window tester from @bwaidelich:

To ensure that the image has a good quality, please also post a link to the original file.

The suggestions should be handed in until Friday 16th April.
The poll will be open until the 23th of April.

Since traveling was a bit restricted lately, I take the freedom to resubmit two of my earlier entries… :sunglasses:

Will the water be warm?

See in bgtester
Garciems, Latvia, taken summer 2019

What does tomorrow bring?

See in bgtester
Bornholm, Denmark, taken early summer 2020

Photos taken by myself.

Oh, too late, it seems. I wonder how many people missed this just like me. :wink:

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The plan was to have the poll open for a longer period because in the past it was just for a few days. But that also did not work out so fast :wink:

I would like to suggest here, what was already suggested in the slack channel:
Let’s collect the last few versions runners-up submissions and create a poll for which of those should be chosen for this release. There were a lot of awesome pictures in those!
I’d suggest to go for 7, 5.3, 5.2 and 5.1 and take the second placed image (plus maybe any one that was within 1-3% of votes of that?) and create the vote now. Time is short and the vote should not become the blocker for the release :slight_smile:

For reference, here is a filter for the posts:

Maybe this could even become a general thing to do once per major release?


Switzerland, Oeschinensee 1 from @bwaidelich (2nd Neos 7.0)

Switzerland, Oeschinensee 2 from @bwaidelich (2nd Neos 5.3) ]

Traunsee (Gmunden) – Austria from @jonnitto (2nd Neos 5.2)

Mountain / orange Sky from @radius-sp (2nd Neos 5.1)

19. Reflection Lake from @daniellienert (2nd Neos 5.0)

  • Oeschinensee 1 (Switzerland)
  • Oeschinensee 2 (Switzerland)
  • Traunsee (Gmunden)
  • Mountain / orange Sky
  • Reflection Lake

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