Neos Caching and TypoScript 2


I have some problems with the caching of neos.

I’m using neos localy with mamp (php 5.5.26, no cache).
With ./flow kickstart:site Test.Test Test I created a site and configure it in the backend.
Now i selected the Default Template and reload the website - perfect, I see what I wanted!

I written in the Default.html Template a “hello world”.
I cleared the cache with ./flow flow:cache:flush and./flow flow:cache:flush --force and reload the website but i saw no “hello word”. After saving something in the backend (deleted or add a space in a content item) and reloading the frontend I saw my “hello word”.

My Question is now: Why the ./flow flow:cache:flush not cleared the cache and only a edit on a content item cleared the cache good enough to show my edit in the template? What can I do to resolve the problem and develop better and faster?

A little second question: How can I see the root.ts2 settings of my site in the backend?
Configuration > Settings? Views? (both dont show me the parts from my root.ts2)

Thank you very much!

Did you flush the caches in the same context? And, if you are working in Development context, changes to the template files should be picked up automatically…

And no, the TS “settings” are not shown in the Neos UI anywhere.

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Thank you very much - that was it.

If you have the same problem, set in ur vhost file the FLOW_CONTEXT to Development.

< VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot "/Users/…/Sites/neos/Web/"
SetEnv FLOW_CONTEXT Development
ServerName neos.demo
</ VirtualHost>

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