Neos generates index.php in website url

Hi everyone,

Currently I host Neos 2.2 with shared hosting. I create a symlink public_html -> myproject/Web. I wonder why there is a index.php in the url and it also breaks the pagination.

Could someone address or has any solution?

Sounds to me like the .htaccess in the Web Folder was not interpreted as expected. There is setting like this below.

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
	# Enable URL rewriting
	RewriteEngine On
	# Set flag so we know URL rewriting is available

Also take a look at the settings for FLOW_CONTEXT, FLOW_ROOTPATH there.

PS: If you copy the stuff to the server just change what you need but if you run deployments you will have to trick neos to accept a modified .htaccess since it is always created again by composer.

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It is successfully with Neos 2.2.x now but it happens to me again for Neos 3.0. Any suggestion beside that?