Neos Introspection

Hi Neos Community ,

As someone who likes to understand different CMS solution out there , I love to understand from Neos team if looking back, what would you have done differently? And now with current technology landscape and what we know if you had all the resources available and had to start from scratch what would you do differently ?



Hi Emily,

that is an awesome question to ask! We’re currently in the mid of our next major release process, so most of us are currently a bit stressed. Given this question begs more than a couple minutes of thought, we’ll probably not answer quickly. But I’m sure there will be some thought put into and a proper answer given latest after we completed the release (~first week of december).

I’m also curious on what some of the team would have to say about this :slight_smile:

Best regards!

Hi Emily,

I can not speak for the whole team but for me personally it would be nice to use symphony instead of developing an own php framework but it was not their in the past and zend wasn’t that cool. I would like to use typescript bit earlier and would prefer mobx statetree instead of redux with sagas in the ui.

But that is my personal opinion. We had a panel discussion with the core team at the neos con 2019 and one question was like that one :wink: