Neos newbie, general things I found out and some thoughts for improvement perhaps

Some things I came across:

  • where is mobile and tablet previewS?

  • how to add custom css to neos ( demo )

  • edit custom css inside neos ui?

  • whitelabel neos ( background / logo ?)

  • logouts after admin changes?

  • where to remove content elements

  • where to add content elements

  • bootstrap official support with custom classes support

  • custom classes?

  • remove chapter element on new item creation

  • chapter element throws error

  • creating extra language throws error

  • open page in target workspace error

  • contact form where is it stored how to edit how to modify?

  • edit image why no crop under media management?

  • disable preview tab in top or have it more sleek in the UI

Yeah, some good ideas here:

some more improvements, maybe:

  • put the extensions in a sandbox (so if they crashes, they don’t crashes the whole system - it happened in two cases - i’m in a try-out phase)
  • rolls should be configured in the ui
  • languages should be exportable as a “.po” file

Any more thoughts on above?
Im willing to contribute to the Neos project and add those options if some of the issues are resolved.

The setup installer in developer preview currently does not work.
Even after reading the manual the cms seems a bit of a "tech-guy-with-deep-understanding of the system?kind of CMS.

For example errors in javascript that break the UI with error and no good backtrace.

So it feels a bit like, you could get into trouble with the CMS and things could be hard to debug/fix with a limited and still-learning knowledge

Hello Jordan,

sorry it took so long but it is quite hard to answer a list of 20 bullets.

Many of your questions are looking like you are trying to extend Neos.Demo. This package is meant to show the features but it is not the code you should build your site upon. I recommend to create a custom site-package, you can copy Neos.Demo if you like, and change the things you have too.

So start by copying Neos.Demo in your own namespace and throw out the features you do’nt need. Afterwards start to create you custom nodeTypes as described here.

Regards, Martin

PS: If you have more specific questions please post them seperately. That helps to answer them faster.

We are aware of this and this is partly the reason why the ui is currently rewritten in react. The page will be displayed in an iframe and thus js errors can no longer break the whole Neos.

At which step? If you can add more informations please open a ticket on github if this is not there already.