Neos + usertracking/googleanalytics + Law

I can’t find help in documentation about «correct configuration to comply with EU law».

At least first two, I would like

Has anyone a simple and working approach for?
Would be great to share or helping link for matching documentation to do in Neos.

##Anonymize IPs
Found the js-script under /Packages/Application/Neos.GoogleAnalytics/Resources/Private/Templates/Prototypes/TrackingCode.html
Guess the most simple way is to inherit from Neos.GoogleAnalytics:TrackingCode and create an own code-property or @process it.

  • Maybe there is a readyMade Neos-solution which I can’t find? Can someone help me in this question?

##Opt Out Cookie und Browser PlugIn
Same here some fusion and maybe fluid stuff should do the job, but:

  • Quite sure I’m not first with those aims. (But first blind for docu-match and good google-query…): Would be great anyone could get a tip in the right direction (docu/backend-settings/code-example…)!

Cookies and EU-Cookie Policy

Therefore I neither have found Neos-code-stuff nor some simple approach in mind.

  • Does anyone has experience in a working solution/good approach for Neos or hint for docu/neos-builtIn-solution?
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hey @mad ,
to bad there are no answers here.
did you found any nice solution for the “Cookies and EU-Cookie Policy” topic?

Hey @mad and @ru3fu5z,

just saw this topic.
If you are still looking for an solution, you could take a look here:

Our Blogpost about Cookie Consent & Neos:
The Package itselfs:

It seems there there was some changes to the package since then

It does anonymize IP automatically since this commit

thanks @sorenmalling and @ndroste,
have you tried to combine those two packages? i would like to have a fully working neos-googleanalytics depending on a opt-in decision realised with cookieconsent. is it possible and have you tried it out yet?

in case of “no cookies allowed” i would like to dissable gid, ga and gat. window['ga-disable-UA-XXXXX-Y'] = true; just affect on ga.

thanks for your time