(New) CKEditor features to integrate?

I went through the release blog posts for CKEditor5 and collected what I thought is interesting.

It would be great to have some feedback:

  • would these be useful?
  • is something already implemented, but I don’t know?

The latest CKEditor 16.0.0 is merged in the master branch of Neos.UI, but not yet released. Right now it’s a mix of things between 11.0.2 and 13.1.1…



  • Block toolbar - not sure, but the inline editing balloon sure would be nice.
  • Autosave - no action needed; we do that, but do we use “their trigger system”?


  • Media embed - could this be used to seamlessly integrate what currently would be a separate node?
  • Toolbars for widgets - might come in handy to expose things we’d rely on the inspector for now


  • Paste from Word - needs to be installed, otherwise non-maintenance!?


  • Distraction-free writing mode - combining the inline and block ballon, not sure we need this “as a feature”
  • Inline widgets - could be useful to insert dynamic data inline?
  • Multi-root editors - to have one editor for multiple nodes?


  • Mention feature / autocomplete - for inline widgets from previous release?
  • Font and background color - rather skip that :slight_smile: -> but what about the existing highlight feature?
  • Remove formatting - a must have!


  • UI for navigating between balloons - if we used balloons, we should support this


  • Automatic text transformation (autocorrect) - probably handy, especially if configured via NodeTypes
  • Word count and character count - expose for custom code and/or display?
  • Link attributes - no action needed, already supported in the UI
  • Watchdog - not sure how/if this needs to be implemented, but sounds good


  • RTL language support - we don’t have any RTL translation for the UI, but if we had…
  • Paste from Google Docs - needs to be installed (same as Word paste feature from 11.2.0)


  • Horizontal line - why not?
  • Page break - might be useful for some
  • Responsive toolbar - no action needed, works automatic, but really nice!


  • Code blocks - not a fully featured editor, but could be used for “inline editing” code blocks displayed with e.g. PunktDe.CodeView


Especially the styling of cells is be something I know clients look forward to!

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Wow, Karsten, thanks for the detailed research!
Not able to give an in-depth answer now, but one thing to keep in mind is that we have a completely custom UI, so not all features are effortless to integrate, we’d have to implement our own UI for them.
But there are indeed a lot of actionable items you’ve highlighted, so go for it!


thanks for this great list :slight_smile: Following would be my assessment how easy/hard the topics would be:

Should be easy:

  • Autoformat
  • Paste from Word
  • Paste from Google Docs
  • Remove formatting (needs one additional toolbar button)
  • Horizontal line
  • Page Break

Unsure, but would be nice:

  • AutoCorrect
  • Code Blocks

Harder (because of our custom UI)

  • Balloon and everything belonging to it
  • Responsive Toolbar
  • Inline Widgets (will require quite some concept work beforehand probably)

Hope this helps already :slight_smile:

All the best,

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Those I already used for some specific plugins for a customer. I had made some changes last year to the UI so the required classes are available for extensibility.