No Backend CSS, no installer CSS, no symlinks


a few months ago, I had Neos 2 and it worked wonderful. I remember that during installation, the installer lost its CSS but the installed Neos worked fine.

But now I created a new database and did the same instructions as I did when installing the newest Neos version. There is again no CSS during installation but the real problem is that 90% of the Backend is missing when the installation is over - see picture. The weid thing is that I can not even install an old Neos version, the Backend is away there, too.

I found one thing that bugs me: The folders in Neos_Ressources are both empty (Persistent and Static). In my old Neos they were full of stuff, I guess it was a bunch of symlinks. However if I goggle for missing symlinks in Neos I only find suggestions like giving permission to the user etc and I tried that already.

My httpd-vhosts.conf:
<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot “C:/xampp/xampp/htdocs/Neos/Web”
# enable the following line for production context
SetEnv FLOW_CONTEXT Production
ServerName neos.demo
Options -MultiViews

Stuff I tried:
Adding/Removing Options -MultiViews in vhosts.conf and adding/removing FLOW_CONTEXT Production
Start XAMPP Control Panel als administrator
create new fresh database and install again
Give all users all rights in all files and dictionaries in the Neos folder
I emptied all Neos and browser caches that exist countless times

BTW Im forced to install Neos without composer. I will not be able to use composer commands.

Try to run the following flow command:

./flow resource:publish

That should do the trick

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Holy crab, thank you! This command is now saved with font size 50 in my documentations! This bugged me for many weeks. :smiley_cat:

Hey @AdinaR,

do you have some suggestion where in the documentation this should be more promiently stated?

Thanks a lot,

Hello @sebastian,

i would place it as a prominent hint in the install section.