Path to most frequently viewHelpers Classes

Hi again,
I’m looking for the Classes underlie to the particular « -> f:format.raw()», but also to other usable viewHelpers to render content or nodeTypes as I wish.
Unfortunately the search to «format» or «raw» in IDE or Google is to imprecisely. There are to many matches or nothing at all for searches like «function format(» or «function raw(»

Would be great someone could point me to the most frequently/helpful classes.

First of all there is a VH reference in the documentation:

This also lists the respective VH classes. But the rule is very easy, either it’s a fluid internal VH (f: prefix) -> Fluid package or it uses some other prefix then the actual namespace entry point is defined in the template, as in:

{namespace neos=TYPO3\Neos\ViewHelpers}
<div{attributes -> f:format.raw()}>
   {neos:contentElement.editable(property: 'title')}
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Perfect - I bookmarked your link!
The listed namespaces I found, But the automated/default «f:» I 'couldn’t find. With the online-List I don’t have to search in all Application-Directories by hand :weary:. This will help to find new ideas and implementations.