PlugIn / Application Configuration

Good morning,

is there a way to create a configuration for a package (Application, Plugin or Site) like the TYPO3 extension configuration? I know that there’s the settings.yaml but a backend user can’t configure the settings in the backend (like in TYPO3).

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Hi Michael,

no there isn’t something like in TYPO3 available for editing Settings.yaml.

But you can make a custom backend module where you can save settings. An example is my extension CM.Neos.ThemeModule see here:

It uses a combination of Database stored settings and Settings.yaml where DB is leading.

Hope that helps

Hi Alexander, thanks :slight_smile: I’ll have a look at it!

Hi Michael,

Could you share what you are trying to achieve?
Usually we consider (yaml based) configuration to be bound to deployments, i.e. not to be changed at runtime.
Changing these files at runtime could pose some issues regarding caching and security, maybe this kind of “volatile” configuration is better stored in the database

Hi Bastian!

As I said, I would like to have an extension configuration (or in the case of Neos: package configuration) like in TYPO3 (see my screenshot). But Alexander already said that there’s nothing like that. So for now I’ve put the configuration into my settings.yaml.