Possibility to link directly to content elements

We are currently searching for a way to be able to link to content elements. It is part of
Just for testing i selected a page in aloha (resulting in something like<a href=\"node:\/\/94c8260f-77ef-6ec5-dbbf-bf96ba9961a3\" data-gentics-aloha-repository=\"node-repository\" data-gentics-aloha-object-id=\"94c8260f-77ef-6ec5-dbbf-bf96ba9961a3\">testlink to content</a>)
and then replaced the node identifier with the identifier of a content node directly below that document node, directly in the database. The aloha editor keeps and shows the title of that content node correctly.

Now my idea is to allow somehow in aloha to choose not only from document nodes but also from content nodes. To avoid confusion content nodes are only shown if a user enters the # sign after the search string and then aloha shows content nodes which are children of matching nodes for the search string.
Unfortunately we have little experience with aloha.

In the TYPO3.Neos:ConvertUris processor we would have to check if the given node is a document node. If not, climb up the parents until you find a document node and use that for creating the link. Just add the identifier (or maybe only the first part of it) of our given node to the link with #.
For that link to work you as an itegrator need to add the identifier (or first part of it) to the output html of certain content node types.

Does that sound reasonable? Since our manpower is quite low currently, we would like to join forces or sponsor development on that topic.

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To me that sounds good.

But I’d think about adding identifiers for navigation purposes to all content elements automagically, instead of requiring the integrator to add that. Should be possible. Or would that again be a change that forces people to accept markup they don’t want?

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This sounds great to me (we’re not using Neos yet). But it would be important that there is a warning if I want to delete or move a content element that is linked to.

Well, deleted targets simply do not get linked, and for moved elements, wouldn’t it actually be the right thing to link to it in the new location? From a semantical perspective, that should make sense, assuming the link is about the actual content… :wink:

Personally, I’d still like a warning, if possible.

Flownative created a Package for us:

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