Prioritizers | Protocol: Meeting | 2015-11-19

Attended: Aske, Berit, Karsten

  • It has been suggested to write some guidelines for attending the kitchen duties. Some ideas for now:
  • Team Tiga approached the PRs by looking at the “least recently updated” PRs to make sure old stuff is also getting attention.
  • If a duty is “easy”, maybe try to improve the handling of that duty (e.g. get rid of notification mails that no one needs but everyone has to deal with)
  • Projects are progressing, albeit slowly (quite some people on holidays, workload)
  • Berit worked on the website project, Tiga will (hopefully) join next week
  • Minions worked on the workspaces change
  • Tiga did some “project management” work on the security fixesproject
  • generally teams are still in the “ramp-up” phase
  • how to deal with old backlog?
  • renamed it to “Prioritized backlog”
  • will clean that up as fast as possible (kitchen duty next week, document how that worked out)
  • use it to collect high prio items from the general backlog in the future