Problems with Editor


I have a Problem with the Editor in the Backend. The Aloha in the old Backend did not show all Buttons. And in the new Backend is no Editor. The ckeditor.js is loaded but not shown. If I add a “CKEDITOR.inlineAll()” command to my JS the Editor is shown. The Problem is: After I activate the ckeditor I’m not able to save the edited Text. The Backend didn’t known I have made changes. I think I have to add an update event, but why and what? Why the Editor did not work by itself?

The Problem is with Neos 3.1 and also 3.2. Is there a Problem in my design? I’m not able to find anything.

Thanks for Help

For further information could you please add some more information;

  • Did you flush the cache? Maybe also the Configuration/PackageStates.php file.
  • Are there any settings you changed?
  • What is in your NodeTypes.yaml of a NodeType that doesn’t work or are all NodeTypes not working with the Inline Editors?
  • When did the problem start to happen? Did it work in an earlier version?

Hope, we can help.