Question to using shortcut nodes

After creating a document node of type “Neos.Neos:Shortcut” and after flushing the cache, the properties (shortcut options) in the inspector like the title field are gone, so nothing can be edited anymore and the node cannot be deleted either. This is only possible by selecting the shortcut node and soft-reloading the browser. Then all inspector options reappear. Now my question: why? Am I doing something wrong, is that a bug or is that the regular and wanted behaviour?

Hi Kai,

that sounds not intended. Can you create an issue for the Neos UI package with the version information and reproducable steps?

Hi Sebastian,

thank you for your response. I checked this again and tested some things and I think, the error was caused by wrong dimension settings. I’ve imported a site with nodes that belonged to a dimension which wasn’t defined in my package config. So that could have been the reason. I’ll keep an eye in that.

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hi sebastian, thanks for the advice,
and I can make a shortcut nodes

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