(Re-)connect translated pages

Hi everyone,

I got a quite interesting question which I can’t answer.

The problem:
The customer has a Neos 3.3 site with three languages (de/en/fr). Now he didn’t create the new page first on the “de” dimension, instead he first created the page in the “en” dimension, afterwards to “fr” and in the end to the “de” dimension. Because of this, Neos isn’t aware that the pages are translated pages and should be therefore connected pages.

Therefore, is it possible to add this connection again? As I’m pretty sure this isn’t possible via backend, this could be a nice new feature.

Thank you!

Hey everyone,

we have a quite similar question.

A customer of ours has a site with 4 languages. All pages were connected the right way. Now he wanted to update the contents of some pages, but instead of updating the existing pages, he created a new page.

Is it somehow possible to choose another page to be connected with the other languages so the original page can be removed?
Or do we need to copy the whole contents of the new page to the existing page to keep the existing link?

Thank you!