Render partial IF partialFile exists

I have some partial files for “Content Filters”. However, not every controller action has its own “Filter” partial.
Is there a way to render the partial, if the partial file is found? If not found, there should not come up an error.

I found this here:
However, the “default” option seems not working in Neos Flow.

Thank you for your hints!

Checked the TYPO3 Fluid Code and it is there since a long time. Did not used fluid for quite a long time. But as this feature is there since a very long time it should work with the default.

Need to test it myself.

Which neos or flow do you use?

Thank you for your prompt reply. I’m very sorry for missing the very important information: I’m using Neos Flow 6.

I used the default in the following way:

<f:render partial="Filter/{xx:getController()}" default=" " />

May I used the default option in a wrong way?