Required argument "domain" is not set

Hello Community,

I have set the domain name to site configuration but still I am below issue getting issue.

Cannot link to a site “MyTemplate” since it has no active domains. - See also: 20201123103140dfb34d.txt
20-11-23 10:40:39 18 CRITICAL Exception #1298012500 in line 203 of /var/Neos/Data/Temporary/Production/Cache/Code/Flow_Object_Classes/Neos_Flow_Mvc_Controller_ActionController.php: Required argument “domain” is not set.

Any idea?

can you share the contents of this file?

Sorry for late reply,
there was some other web server issue on that, its fixed.

thanks @bwaidelich

Can you share what it was - perhaps it can help other setting up a server, that is facing this issue :smiley:

Sorry to late reply on this, I was away for some days
it is more or less the infrastructure issue where the web server was not able to react to neos-backend that causes the issue

once the infrastrutiure issue resolved then it start running