Second member area, add a new role

Hi, I setup an member area. I defined a node that shows only for registered users. No problem.
But now i would like to add a node for some users.
I think I need a second role and a second matcher.

my Policy.yaml


      # fee74676-c42f-89da-208e-1741a66525d4 is the node identifier of the "member-area" node, by default located at "/sites/neosdemo/member-area"
      matcher: 'isDescendantNodeOf("639a033c-005b-4414-a9b7-3308efe0808e")'

          # Grant "frontend users" to access the "Member area"
        privilegeTarget: ''
        permission: GRANT

Where can I add the second role?

Just add another entry like you did for Flowpack.Neos.FrontendLogin:User with your new role identifier