Shop Integration in Neos

Hi guys,
we have a solution for integrating Neos content into Shopware (see “Sheos”). This works well if your website is mainly a shop and you need a couple of good looking content pages.

But how do you guys do it when you have a content driven website and you want to connect your content pages with products in your (existing) shop solution?

I could imagine custom data sources in inspector fields to connect nodes with products to read product related information (like prices).

The most interesting part would be the checkout process and the shopping cart.

Hi @gerhard_boden,

i think custom EelHelper to fetch data from your shop system is a good idea as well as custom data sources to fetch some stuff. Or if you have nodetype that display a product in grid item style you can search for sku or something in that data source and connect elasticsearch or your shop system directly.

Regarding checkout/shopping cart: I’d redirect to the shop system. Theses days you do style the layout/template in the checkout process in another way so the ppl don’t leave the checkout process. Guess any big player is a example for this like amazon, etc. So i’d just redirect to the sop system and handle the checkout in a small template there

Thanks for your input! Yeah, just reading some metadata will do. For example for product teasers (price and a small description).

Already thought about leaving the checkout process to the shop system, since it’s pretty good in doing that. Could easily run on a subdomain like

Only challenge would be to synch the shopping cart somehow. Since everything needs to be in place as soon as the user is redirected to the checkout.

Your Shop-System does not have an endpoint to add products to the basket or something? Should be doable!

The API itself does net provide any cart functionality since it’s based on the user session.

A colleague just found out that we could use AJAX requests towards endpoints the shop itself is using to sync the carts. So we would have two carts: One that lives inside the Neos session and another one inside the shop system which is used when the user enters the checkout process.