SkillDisplay - learning paths for educational institutions

Discussion for Key cooperation points between Neos and SkillDisplay.
Items are open for discussion and desired but not mandatory for cooperation.
The internal due date for a cooperation proposal for SkillDisplay is the 3.6.2015 12:00 PM, as negotiations with potential partners and sponsors are due shortly after.

Input and feedback on the design of Skillpaths
While the initial structure for SkillPaths and their individual entries will be designed by the
SkillDisplay team, we would appreciate either commitment by the Neos core team or individual
members to review and comment on them.
After the review process we aim to advertise the fact that SkillPaths designed this way are
“Approved by” the Neos team or the according member(s).
The design of SkillPaths for the CMS lectures is due at the end of June 2015.

Selection and creation of learning material
Using the finalized SkillPaths as a base, learning material for the individual Badges is to be
gathered and selected. While the initial process will again be taken care of by the SkillDisplay
team, we are looking for cooperation on identifying additional reliable sources of teaching
material, approaching possible partners and creating missing resources.
The selection, creation and assignment of learning material for SkillPaths for the CMS lectures
is due in July 2015.

Talk at the kick-off event
We aim for one or more talk(s) by a member (or multiple members) of the Neos team at this
event to have them represent the product itself and ideally also host a session where
participants can claim their first “Tier 3” badge on one of the CMS SkillPaths.

Broker cooperations with companies already using Neos
We would welcome the chance to introduce companies that are already committed to using
Neos to the SkillDisplay-platform and encourage them to actively contribute. They can offer
existing learning material to be used in SkillPaths or provide tasks for the SkillPath
bonus tier system (i.e. work with students on implementing certain NodeTypes, packages,
scripts or similar they need for their own Neos installations).

Technical support implementing the SkillPath platform on Neos
We would appreciate help with the following parts:
● Supporting login via Mozilla Persona or connecting a Neos frontend account to Mozilla
● The process of creating SkillPaths on the platform
● SkillPath completion awarding (checking if a user owns the required badges in his Mozilla Backpack to
have a comb completed in a specific tier)

Marketing Material
Any Neos branded goodies, marketing collateral, promotional literature, etc. that allow us to
advertise our cooperation with the Neos team are most welcome.
(e.g.: giveaways/goodies for the kickoff event)

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As mentioned before, I think that a cooperation is quite promising. From the original document, there are some possible “Advantages for Neos” in this, too:

● SkillDisplay platform created with Neos as a strong use-case and technical demonstration
● Regular contact with and feedback from a group of highly motivated students with a
strong technical background
● Ready-to-use learning paths (“SkillPaths”) featuring structured and proven resources
for the community that allow easier access and a low entry barrier to the world of Neos
● Neos presentation by core team members at the kick-off event in front of a young and
eager-to-learn audience as well as numerous partners from the business and education
● Showcasing Neos partner-companies, if they provide learning material (“Badges”) or
“Bonus Tier” project opportunities
● Marketing as the top CMS choice of SkillDisplay for education purposes in 2015
● Multiple mentions in SkillDisplay (and partner) publications like newsletters, marketing
material including possible extensive coverage in articles about the project

If I got it right, Florian needs two things from us:

  1. A general agreement to the idea
  2. A contact person

Both until the 3rd of June at latest.

For the former I’d suggest to do a simple voting here (as we haven’t agreed on a general decision making process yet). But I’d like to wait for some more thoughts from you guys.
For the latter one of the team would have to agree to take over that position (for now)

Hey Florian and Bastian,

I very much like this – and I’d be open to help giving feedback on the Skill Paths etc. I fear I won’t be available for bigger tasks during that timeframe, as I still have the GitHub migration on my desk :slight_smile: (although I think it’s really interesting)!

Regarding the badges, maybe @hlubek can help there as I know he has done some work on OpenBadges.

All the best,

You posted the Terms “NodeHive” and “Combs” there which would have to be exchanged accordingly for “SkillDisplay” and “SkillPaths”

Regarding the needs from our side I’d like to add that we would also publish an according press release (written by us, confirmed by the team or who makes that decision for Neos) that covers all cooperation points the team commits to.

I just copied the text, fixed it now


I’m very much in favor of this too, and would be willing to help out. Just timewise I really have to make sure not to promise stuff I can’t make true while still working on 2.0 stuff :smile:

@FloWeiss thanks again for the initiative, I think this can be quite fruitful for both sides.

To find out how big the commitment from my side (or Flownative in this case) can be, it’s important to know if there is some kind of budget available which would, for example, cover travel costs or other expenses. As @radmiraal already wrote, we currently have a really high workload with the Neos 2.0 release and also with creating the new infrastructure for the Neos project, so any additional work needs to be carefully planned in if it goes from our spare time budget.

@Robert As we operate as non-profit association in the education sector we are unable to guarantee a budget at the moment. We will certainly commit to successful partnerships in the long run when additional sponsorship agreements or education grants can be acquired.
All partners that commited to being present at the kickoff-event so far, offered to cover their own travel expenses.

We understand that the current process takes up much of your resources, so please do only consider commitment up to the point you’re comfortable with within the present situation.

@FloWeiss okay, thanks!

As mentioned before: I’m willing to support in terms of discussions and reviews but I can’t currently promise further involvement from my side unfortunately…
I’m afraid this won’t be easy because there is no much use in voting unless we found someone willing to step up as contact person and to talk at the kick-off event…

Good news, @kitsunet agreed to act as contact person and to join the kick-off event. Thanks for that!
Now we still need to agree on the general cooperation. So dear fellow team members, please respond to the voting:

  • Go for the cooperation
  • No (not yet at least)

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Read about the implications in @FloWeiss’s original post above. As far as I understand it it would mainly mean that we’re ready to discuss ideas & concepts with them, review their code and learning material/articles and to provide technical support as in creating a SSO with for example.


Great project! Thanks @FloWeiss! Unfortunately I cannot take the role of the contact person in my current situation.

Sorry, I feel a little lost about what this is. What is SkillDisplay? And by SkillPath are you talking about

It sounds like you are trying to create some kind of training program to teach people about Neos, and that program is somehow gamified with badges. Is that right?

Great to hear, thank you. I’ll wait for the final voting results from June 3rd and made an appointment with Christian for friday (Hangout)

@cognifloyd: the team should have the according documents (executive summary + cooperation proposal), the basic idea of the project is to build a bridge between stately curriculums/education plans and the business world with the help of learning paths.
In communication with experts (you) we want to offer a module system (based on badges) that allows students to follow a learning path offered that is in accord with official curriculums.

The system allows for learning progress to be tracked in three regular tiers plus a bonus tier; these include certified skills (Tier 1), institutionally-verified skills (Tier 2), self-verified skills (Tier 3) and a bonus tier for considering extracurricular activities, such as internships during the summer. A kick-off event is scheduled for 23 September in Vienna.

We want to cooperate with partners that alredy offer very good sources and/or award badges for it - e.g.: @hlubek s Learn Neos site already offers a great example for something we would like to include in one of our SkillPaths as tier 3 badge (you claim the badge at their site and we honor this achievement on ours among others)

The URL is


Not everyone of the team participated in the voting, but we discussed about it on Slack and decided to give it a try. @FloWeiss let us know if you need anything else from us. Otherwise we’ll talk on Friday !

Looking forward to this promising cooperation!

Just to update you on this and our hangout results from friday. We definitely want to work together in this, but came to the conclusion that there are not enough resources available to make it happen this year. Skilldisplay will start with some other skills at first and if the concept works out we can join the programme next year.

Not much to add there, @kitsunet and I agreed to stay in touch regarding this topic and I’ll keep him updated with news regarding the project, thank you for your time and efforts so far, I’m looking forward to a possible cooperation next year.

That’s a pitty. May I ask what lead to the change of mind? If it’s mainly due to limited resources for you, Christian, maybe someone else could step in!?

@bwaidelich as @kitsunet already stated, the main problem is that for both our projects the resources are limited/needed elsewhere at the moment.
Especially for the learning material we want to offer a industry AND education facility accepted standard which (in combination with the work Neos faces atm and we face with establishing our platform) would lead to a suboptimal result, as there is (apart from the core docs) little information out there atm.

We defenitely want to cooperate on this in the future though and look forward to cooperating at a point where both our projects have stabilized and more resources are available.