[SOLVED] Form-Builder Template "Marker"

Hey guys,
I have installed neos/form-builder 1.0.0 from Bastian Waidelich. It works fine, but how I can get the values ​​of the filled fields in the Finisher email?

Thx, pat

Hey pat,

You can use a fluid-template like this for the mail-finisher:

{namespace form=Neos\Form\ViewHelpers}
	<form:renderValues formRuntime="{form}">
		<f:if condition="{0: formValue.element.type} == {0: 'Neos.Form:FileUpload'}">
					<th>{f:if(condition: formValue.element.label, then: formValue.element.label, else: formValue.element.identifier)}</th>

Thank you Peter. It works!

If you know the possible values you can also access them directly in the template via the formValues variable:

<h1>Dear {formValues.name},</h1>

<h2>your comment:</h2>
<p>{formValues.comment -> f:format.nl2br()}</p>

…and so on :wink:

Thank you!

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