[SOLVED] Neos History / Event Logging


in the Neos backend there is a functionality called ‘history’ (under management). But when I enter it, it says that until now nothing happened. But we’ve created several pages and contents, with different users. Do I have to activate the history / event logging or do I have to install further packages?

Kind regards

Hi Michael,

This is due to the module being still experimental as it’s missing polishing in a few areas like dealing with lots of “history”/“events”.

See http://neos.readthedocs.io/en/stable/Appendixes/ReleaseNotes/200.html#history-event-log-experimental

It’s very likely that the module will get finished along with the Event Sourced Content Repository that is currently being worked on in a sprint in Kiel.

Hope that helps.


Good morning Aske,

ok, but it should be no problem to use it?

Sure with those potential issues mentioned in the release notes.

Ok, thank You :wink: