[SOLVED] Rss 2.0 fusion implementation & Neos.Fusion:Tag constraints

Hi there,
I’m trying to implement a rss 2.0 feed with Fusion as it seemed very straight forward to me (I was not wrong), but I got stuck with <link> tags.
By specification the element has a required <link> sub-element with content, unfortunately (and as far as I could understand) the Neos.Fusion:Tag default implementation considers tags as self-closing thus whenever I try to render a <link> tag I lose its content, obviously.

Is there a way, fusion-only best, to work around this constraint?

Thank you very much,

Sorry to all I just realized that the rendered version ate all <link> in the text.

My fault,

Ok, I solved the issue overriding the TagImplementation class in my Fusion prototype, but I came up with a doubt for the Core Team:
wouldn’t make sense to group selfClosingTags by markup(html, rss, atom, …) as for each markup language the list could be different or non-existent?

For example:

protected static $SELF_CLOSING_TAGS = array(
   'html' => ['area', 'base', 'br', 'col', 'command', 'embed', 'hr', 'img', 'input', 'keygen', 'link', 'meta', 'param', 'source', 'track', 'wbr']


public function isSelfClosingTag ($tagName)
   $markup = $this->fusionValue('markup');
   return (array_key_exists($markup, self::$SELF_CLOSING_TAGS) && in_array($tagName, self::$SELF_CLOSING_TAGS[$markup], true)) || (boolean) $this->fusionValue('selfClosingTag');

and in Fusion:

CustomTag = Neos.Fusion:Tag {
   tagName = 'xyz'
   markup = 'html'
   content = ${'whatever'}

Just my 2 cents (roughly sketched ;)) ,