[SOLVED] Using nodes from other site package (multisite)

Hi, everyone
I have two site packages in a Neos 7.2 installation (multisite).
These are Vendor.Site11 and Vendor.Site22
Now I want to process properties from Site22 into Site11.

  site22output = Neos.Fusion:Loop {
      items = ${q(node).find('#89d3c190-7381-4aef-8596-104dc6d6642e,#94e848a1-7667-433f-96ed-57d879b02fba').get()}
      itemName = 'node'
      itemRenderer = ${q(node).property('title')}


items = ${q(site).find('/sites/vendor-site22').children().get()}

is working too.

I would like the query on Site11 in this form

  site22output = Neos.Fusion:Loop {
      items = ${q(node).find('[instanceof Vendor.Site22:Document.Page]').get()}
      itemName = 'node'
      itemRenderer = ${q(node).property('title')}

At the moment, there is no result.
How is the line for items correct?
I need the property of Document Node, not Content Node.

Thanks in advance

if i see this right you got a ‘node’ from site 11 and want to search inside for nodes of site 22.
But i guess the find command will only search in child nodes of the ‘node’

q(site).find… should work …maybe

Hi Marc,
thank you for your thoughts.

q(site).find… should work

That is exactly my problem. It doesn’t work.

At the moment I have a working line:

items = ${q(site).find('/sites/vendor-site22').children().filter('[title][title != ""]').get()}
Here I receive all children - main and footer too. So I have to filter by title.

But on this way I cannot choose NodeTypes. (Vendor.Site22:Document.Page)

On my Site11 I have created a Document Node Vendor-Site22: Document.Page.
This node is found on site11 / displayed as a result of

${q(site).find('[instanceof Vendor.Site22:Document.Page]').get()}

I think I need to change the starting point? But I do not know.

how about? (just a thought no pc available so i cant check if that can work )


Hi Marc,
TOP suggestion.
The right line is:

items = ${q(site).find('/sites/vendor-site22').children('[instanceof Vendor.Site22:Document.Page]').get()}

Thank you very much!

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