String.split in einer html Datei

Hallo Forum,

ich möchte einen String splitten, siehe Beispiel:

<f:section name="itemsList">
	<f:for each="{items}" as="item">
		<f:if condition="{}">
			<p >

Wie kann ich das erreichen?

Vielen Dank,

Hey Paul,

the split line almost looks like fusion, you can do that using fusion:


splittedString = ${String.split(, ',')[0]}

HTML / Fluid:


Cheers, Daniel

Moin Daniel,

thanks for your answer!
In my html-file, I’m in an iteration loop (listitems) at that position and I thought that there is an alternative method for the split-method in fusion…
otherwise I have to put the loop into the fusion-file and take only the results into the html-file.
But how do I start with that?

Skòl, Paul