Team Minions |Protocol: Meeting | 2015-12-01

Attending: Ben, Florian, Dmitri, Karsten

  • Rens is now an inactive member (due to personal/business reasons), will become active again eventually
  • the (attending) team agrees on taking on the 2.1 release project
  • put all (known) release tasks into JIRA by tomorrow
  • features planned: nested workspaces (done), history/event logging, maybe more + plus as many fixes as we can manage to do
  • agreed on a release date: December 22nd, no beta phase planned for now
  • maybe @daniellienert can take care of finding/taking a new key picture for the demo content!?
  • @fheinze could give the way we announce the release on some though (but otherwise will focus on branding in the near future)

Sure I would like to do that. I will provide some suggestions.

Awesome. A little tip: avoid another picture of a woman, that’s not a concept we’re aiming for. Try to go with something that looks well for screenshots and if possible fits the main theme of the release. Last time we used one from a free stock website, but can come from anywhere as long as we are allowed to distribute it. One thing you have to keep in mind is that it needs to be available in a fairly large resolution at least 2500x1250 and work in the aspect ratio 2:1.

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Do we already have a theme / name / slogan for the next release?

there are two bigger topics, workspaces and performance AFAIK… workspaces could be translated to collaboration

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