Team Minions | Protocol: Retrospective | 2016-01-25

Participants: Ben, Dmitri, Florian, Gina, Karsten, Robert, Daniel


  • Meeting length, structure? (Florian)
  • Losing connection? (Florian)
  • Working mode, getting stuff done (Florian)
  • Jointly working on a project as a team (Robert)
  • Purpose and Vision (Florian)
  • Lack of shared product vision and target audience (Dmitri, Robert)
  • Lack of plan to achieve the product vision (Dmitri, Robert)
  • Different priorities (Ben)


  • Stick to weekly meeting slot at monday 12:15, have the meeting if there is more than one person
  • Limit meeting to 30 minutes, schedule more/smaller meetings if needed
  • Append to meeting notes ( if you couldn’t attend
  • Use “emotional questions” to structure meeting:
    • What made me happy
    • What did frustrate me
    • Is there something I want to share?

“Team scope” - shift to the team as a “I am working on this and that” hub instead of working on the same thing together!? Like “Work bees bringing home honey” from other teams/guilds/projects…

We need to find an interim synchronizer, if none is found, Gina could take over (at least) until after Inspiring Conference 2016. At that point Florian might take over (given the branding project is done then).