Team Minions | Protocol: Team Meeting | 2015-10-19


  • Robert
  • Daniel
  • Dmitri
  • Karsten
  • Flohriän
  • Rens
  • Ben

Team name

As decided already in Slack: Team Minions

Get to know each other


  • Job: works with Karsten and Christian at Flownative
  • Interests: not so much in to organizing, but wants to keep an overview and wants to shape the product
  • Hometown: Lübeck, Germany


  • Job: ScrumMaster / Software Architect at
  • Interests: more the backend-guy, not so much UX, Photoshop, photography, open for everything
  • Hometown: Karlsruhe, Germany


  • Job: Developer at Saint-Philaret Orthodox Christian Institute
  • Interests: UX and backend programming, TYPOScript, more and more a frontend-guy
  • Hometown: Moscow, Russia


  • Job: works with Robert and Christian at Flownative
  • Interests: watching spiders in the office, good in organizing things but tries to avoid it, QM, infrastructure
  • Hometown: Lübeck, Germany


  • Job: works at sandstorm media as a “general work bee”
  • Interests: likes UX, FE development, “creative guy”, Neos brand, Frisbee
  • Hometown: Dresden, Germany


  • Job: works with Ben @ SimplyAdmire
  • Interests: Backend / Frontend programming, Whisk(e)y, Frisbee
  • Hometown: Ede, Netherlands


  • Job: works with Rens @ SimplyAdmire
  • Interests: not programming; rather do agile work with people, scrum coach
  • Hometown: IJsselstein, Netherlands



Prioritizer: Robert, Karsten
Synchronizer: Ben


Prioritizer: Karsten
Synchronizer: Ben


  • collect input for the backlog
  • collect thoughts for the prioritizers

Next meeting(s)

  • once a week, monday, short, 15min max + retrospective
  • every monday at 13:00


  • one channel for what we are currently working on, no discussion