Team Minions | Protocol: Team Meeting | 2016-02-01

Attendees: Ben, Dmitri, Gina, Robert, Karsten

  • no-one is really frustrated
  • Dmitri had the need to coordinate stuff during the weekend, but noone was online
  • happy to have Gina on-board
  • Gina shared a trello board to use for the team retro meetings:


  • invite Tyll Weiß and Wilhelm Behncke to the team

Up next:

  • Robert: finish branding briefing; further work on event sourcing / CQRS for Flow
  • Ben: needs a task (Karsten tries to find something)
  • Karsten: do some reviews, document ideas for better (code) development cooperation (see
  • Dmitri: work on React Neos UI prototype; improve coordination on that project
  • Gina: creates another board for the weekly meetings; think about how to incorporate Tyll/Wilhelm into our team; find out where to put Martin Ficzel; plan attending the March sprint
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