Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2016-05-23


happy: found the time to participate in the weekly
frustrated: didn’t have much time for Neos the last weeks
share: nothing
plans: work on branding


happy: not ill anymore
frustrated: did not manage to visualize the meeting structure, interaction not clear
share: nothing
plans: prepare team and all teams retro

Bernhard (new team member):


  • Backenddevelopper, doesn’t like JavaScript :wink:
  • has been working with Typo3
  • is now doing Neos
  • wants to join the next CodeSprint
  • build Magento adapter for Neos
  • wants to improve ES Adapter

happy: be part of the team
frustrated: not part of the team earlier
share: nothing
plans: get some of his pull requests merged


happy: finally could work on inspector editors and extensiblity
frustrated: not able to work on Neos, Gina was sick
share: nothing
plans: keep on working on the UI rewrite

frustrated: lot to do at work
happy: worked on metadataextraction, blogpost on form-framework
share: nothing

frustrated: dimension handling very complex, strange support case for multilanguage in Neos
happy: worked on form-framework, multidimension menu, more bugfix releases out
share: nothing

frustrated: a lot of work to catch up with, exams coming up
happy: recoverd after InspirngCon, moving big project from TYPO3 to Neos, finished some things in the Neos UI rewrite
share: nothing
plans: keep on rewriting the UI