Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2016-06-06


  • working on asset metadata stuff
  • lot of work at work causing a bit of frustration


  • preparing for exams
  • finished story book integration
  • will work on styles and refactoring


  • worked on translatable forms


  • nice to finally get started with stuff
    • got feedback on RFCs
    • started “less controversial parts” of media refactoring work
    • planned some major refactoring with @christianm


  • attended IPC in Berlin
    • gave talks (partly) related to Neos
  • talked to interesting people/companies abut Neos
  • talked to famous Google guy (Paul Bakaus)
  • general feeling: Neos could really take off, but we need to keep quality high
  • all that caused some frustration because it keeps real work away
  • did some infrastructure work (SSL, …)


  • happy: can speak and drink coffee again
  • every morning wants to start working on a PR, but somehow doesn’t get around to it :slight_smile: