Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2016-08-01


  • Frustrations: Just the speed of issues and PR which are submitted and reviewed
  • Happy: Gets more into Neos again, does some reviews and the CQRS integration, tries to help out with the 2.3 LTS release


  • Frustrations: Is a bit exhausted because of his workload, cannot participate due to this on slack
  • Happy: Does some Neos work, so thats a good thing


  • Frustrations: None
  • Happy: Back from his vacation, awesome! Gets back into the work now


  • Frustrations: Pulled the emergency break last week due to stress -> Had a mini-vacation and gets back into the game soon
  • Happy: More vacations to come, would like to do some work for the setup of the Neos e.V.


  • Frustrations: The new UI repo feels like a monolith, but I am working to get that stuff sorted out.
  • Happy: Does some work on the UI, splitting the new UI repo up, quality ensurance/tests
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