Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2016-10-04


  • frustrated a bit by uncertainty about own role and how to continue branding
  • happy to have been able to discuss the logo stuff
  • wants to get this sorted out and then push through with the branding


  • happy as always, very relaxed
  • working on the React UI, some reviews, some styling improvements, …
  • wants to fix small things in the time before the sprint
  • looking forward to the sprint, almost cleared permission to go


  • happy to have splitsh-lite and git2go changes merged, for faster repo splits


  • mostly worked with, not on Neos last week, finishing up a larger project
  • started a concept for a new CR data structure based on “real trees”


  • unhappy about Rens having left the team
  • happy about the fact we released new versions again!
  • progress being made in ES/CQRS


  • relaxed after holidays, happy to not have lost her bags
  • on holidays next week


  • frustrated by lack of time for Neos the last two weeks
  • hopes to find time for namespace change project
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