Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2016-10-24

Participated in hangout


  • happy due to move to new office and having a new team
  • looking forward to synchronizer meeting, will continue with CIC, retro preparation
  • no frustrations, nothing to show


  • slight frustration due to lots of work, keeping involvement low
  • happy about conference logo discussion, left winter hibernation
  • will push logo (concept) work further this week, then off for holidays


  • happy: worked on customer stuff; resulted in two PRs for the Es-CR-Indexing related to fulltext updates
  • “frustrated” this week again a bunch of customer work, revolving around a pure PHP project first and then tying in some Flow. No Neos in sight…


  • not frustrated, no reason (week after big launch)
  • will write “gigantic wall of text” about future of CR (wait for it in discuss…)
  • will participate in ES/CQRS meetings


  • no (longer) frustrated after move of UI repositories to mono-repo

Reported, but not attending


  • promoted Neos last week (travel, travel, …)
  • on the way to PHP Conference, again (partly) promoting Neos


  • on the train to Munich for the PHP-con
  • has been on holiday last week, so did no neos work apart of reading stuff.


  • really needs to focus on custome rproject (go-live imminent)
  • time for neos is pretty much reduced to a couple of talks with the peeps of the ui-rewrite
  • really look forward to the hamburg sprint and I can spend more time on the project after that week as well, so there is hope


  • could not join