Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2017-01-31


  • happy because Neos 3.0 and Flow 4.0 are out the door
  • motivated by those who contributed to that in the recent weeks
  • frustrated it took soooooo loooooong…
  • will go to Amsterdam for DDD Europe conference the rest of the week


  • happy about new release, too. would be more happy to actually use it, instead of TYPO3 :wink:
  • at least working on Neos website, will update soonish
  • preparing for Neos Conference talk, digging through Elasticsearch packages currently (it’s a mess)


  • happy about finalised badges design
  • will push badges implementation
  • deal with Audimax magazine, they will publish a Neos Conference ad (:tada:)
  • will be a PITA for everyone when done with new SCSS linting rules for the project


  • learned something new about russian-style use of )))) as an emoji :smiley:
  • great progress on new UI
  • will try to come to Dresden sprint, even though originally not planned


  • happy about release being out and first feedback being positive
  • not really frustrated by anything related to coding
  • f**k Trump


  • really excited about the DDD and the Neos conference coming up
  • will prepare talks for the latter
  • happy to work on multiple Neos projects currently
  • rant of the week: looked into PHPCR and … well, it doesn’t match with our needs at all