Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2017-02-21


  • frustrated: not really working on Neos, doing support for Neos users instead
  • happy: did two days of training in Austria, happy to have had happy customers after that
  • show: nothing


  • frustrated: nothing
  • happy: working on UI while in Dresden for the sprint
  • show: -


  • frustrated: nothing
  • happy: in Dresden for sprint, started to work on event-sourced CR prototype
  • show: -


  • frustrated:
  • happy:
  • show: -


new Padawan in Minions team, works at Core 4 (boss of Bernhard to be precise), Communication Designer, wants to help with marketing (yay!)

  • frustrated: no clue (yet), but generally the omnipresent lack of time…
  • happy: badges progress, related items…
  • show: -


  • frustrated: no capacity to move digital badges into funding platform, no time to look for new shirt printer
  • happy: to have Ralf with the team, badges are done, building makerspace website with Neos, attending sprint (working on swag pack), swag budget approved
  • show: swag progress…


  • frustrated: not at all
  • happy: to have Ralf in team, first physical badge actually in print, had actual phone call from Florian about swag budget voting
  • show: -
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Frustrated me: nothing
Made me happy: Having time to work on search and improving the ElasticSearchAdapter. New Neos Project for my team at around the corner!

Next plans:

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Frustrated: Not being able to join the Dresden sprint. Now that everyone is there hacking away the new UI I’m so sad I don’t have the time to join.
Happy: really happy with the progress I see from the sprint so far, gives me hope for the brighter future of our UI!
Plans: not to fall too far behind from the UI work, at least check out the new things, at best contribute something