Team Minions - Team Meeting, 2017-02-28


  • happy since he beat with Neos :wink:
  • did not do specific Neos stuff last week (except following Dresden sprint progress)
  • will “digest” last weeks results (catch up, comprehend, amend)
  • was contacted by guy from Moscow who wants to attend next sprint


  • still parenting at home, lot’s of Neos time :wink:
  • worked on ES adaptor package, cleaned up master branch, works with Neos 3.0 now :tada:
  • work on ES improvements until Neos Conference
  • write new Neos tutorial content



  • done with the long running project that “blocked” the last weeks…
  • reviewed/merged some PRs
  • will help out with 3.1 planning/doing


  • great sprint last week, very productive, very happy with React UI progress: would use it for a customer project by now (wow!)
  • extensibility turned out as nicely as planned (as powerful as AOP in Flow)


  • was busy hunting a bug
  • happy: stickers are going out to be printed this week. Was able to contribute code on the sprint. A lot of Neos going on right now, also in my freetime :wink:
  • frustrated: nothing


  • rather busy :expressionless:


  • Happy: This week there is time to help Lisa with the NEOS Con Brochure.
  • Frustrated: Nothing specific except the every-time-slow fileserver in my agencies cellar.
  • Show: Brochure. Next week.


  • happy: landed in cancun finally after emergency landing in florida due to smoke in the cockpit
  • frustrated: 33h on the airport in florida (daytona) with thermal blankets from the red cross to sleep on the floor…
  • plans: get into the cave for diving!
  • show: